The Harlem Police Department is comprised of a Chief of Police, two Lieutenants, six full time officers, one Senior Radio Operator, 1 Records Clerk, 4 Communications Officers, 2 Reserve Criminal Investigators, 1 Reserve Vice & Narcotics Investigator, 1 Reserve Training Officer/Instructor, 3 Reserve Patrol Officers and 10 Citizens on Patrol Members (Volunteers). The agency provides full law enforcement services for the citizens of Harlem and assists surrounding law enforcement with mutual aid.

Our mindset is a simple philosophy. We have done more than just adopt the Community Policing Concept; it’s embedded into our daily job functions. We believe that proactive services result in less reactive services, thus providing sufficient time for our officers to get to know our citizens on a first-name basis. As a result of this theory of operation, we have begun to form a partnership with the community.

A successful law enforcement agency must be trusted and respected by those that they serve. Our successes or accomplishments are not based merely on crime reduction, but also on our ability to eliminate the mindset of fear from our citizens.

We offer a House Watch service for Harlem residents who will be out of town for a short period of time (vacation, business trip, etc.).  If you would like to have your house checked periodically, please click here and complete the application.  You can submit the form several different ways – via email, by printing and mailing it to P.O. Box 99, Harlem, GA 30814, or by simply dropping it off at the Public Safety Building (110 West Milledgeville Rd.).  A department representative will contact you to confirm that your house has been added.


United in a spirit of teamwork, the Harlem Police Department will be an open, friendly, and community-minded organization devoted to quality public service, unyielding in purpose and dedicated to live by values reflecting a genuine desire to care for the safety and well-being of the public.


The mission of the Harlem Police Department is to enforce state, federal, and local laws within the framework of the Constitution.  We encourage the involvement of the community to assist in holding accountable those that commit crimes.


  • Reduce crime
  • Increase clearance rates
  • Continue community partnerships and programs
  • Fiscal oversight; reduce spending where possible by evaluation of spending practices, purchasing of supplies, and contract awards.
  • Search for alternative funding sources that will provide the best opportunities to hire personnel, purchase equipment and acquire technology.

“We never rise to the level of our expectations, but rather fall to our level of training.”


Chuck Meadows

Chief of Police
Harlem Police Department

110 West Milledgeville Road
Harlem, GA 30814

(706) 556-6262 – Office


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