Commercial Properties

Harlem has rich commercial development potential with multiple water sources, access to the Columbia County broadband infrastructure, and both Georgia Power and Jefferson Energy nearby.  This unique combination of assets makes us a perfect location for a wide variety of businesses.  If you are interested in locating your business in Harlem, please call (706) 556-0043 for additional information.

A number of commercial properties are available in the City of Harlem, and a partial list appears to the right. PLEASE NOTE THAT NOT ALL OF THESE PROPERTIES ARE CURRENTLY ZONED COMMERCIAL. PLEASE CHECK WITH THE PLANNING AND ZONING DEPARTMENT TO CONFIRM ZONING, AND DO NOT MAKE ANY DECISIONS BASED ON OUR DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY AS “COMMERCIAL.”  If you are the owner of an available parcel of commercial property, please contact us and we’ll be happy to add it to the list.